As part of our policy of empowering the local community through employing youths and transferring skills to the community, we will continuously appoint and train a sufficient number of University students and unemployed graduates residing within the local areas on two aspects of our business, as data capturers and field staff and as project co-ordinators. The latter will be through a mechanism linked to Service SETA which will allow for the candidates to earn a stipend as well as skills.

Making a positive difference

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Because of the nature of our business, we have been careful in choosing the our corporate social investment (CSI) strategy: we focus on education and skills development. This deals directly with some of the social challenges that the country faces, such as poverty, unemployment and HIV/AIDS. Our staff have been leaders by starting projects to uplift the community; these projects have attempted to meet the basic needs of the communities around us.

Our community investment

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We adopted an initiative called “one geyser per family” which we support annually, aimed at helping families in rural areas in Eastern Cape, keep warm during winter. Government may not reach all corners of our country with energy infrastructure hence we believe in participating in initiatives that change lives. No one should endure the cold weather of winter when we are capable to make a difference. We also support and hold workshops that talk to ISO/SANS 16001 HIV / AIDS, which is a serious global challenge.

GIBS Career Expo


Presentations to learners at the Career Expo in enhancing and improving their understanding of the consulting and entrepreneurship profession. This will help them to make informed choices when they select a future career. It is very important to have more entrepreneurs understood at a school level to improve the statistics of future entrepreneurs. South Africa requires more sustainable entrepreneurs to create jobs that will impact the economy growth positively.

This is our way to support our government initiatives to redress challenges our country faces and work towards a better South Africa.

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