We help companies identify where to compete and support them as they design and execute strategies to capture those growth opportunities. In analyzing opportunities, we have found that applying broad terms such as “growth industry” and “mature industry,” while time honored and convenient, can prove imprecise or even downright wrong. In many cases, perspectives on growth are created by averaging out the different growth rates in an industry’s segments and sub-segments, which creates a misleading view of growth prospects.

We have offered our solutions to multinationals and parastatals with high degree of success on themes such as Change and Performance Management. Our consultants are highly effective, seasoned, specialists of their respective fields. We help you to Think lean, Think tactical options, Think profit per hourand Think holistic throughout your business and alignment to Corporate Strategy.

Strategic Planning

Our experience has cemented Business Leadership is inherently about planning for the future. What this means is simply “have a vision” to work towards achieving. There is a growing need from business community to realize that the business won’t prosper if we don’t operate with “tripartite” in mind. There are three arms that would yield progress and sustainability in our approach; IQ (rationalism), EQ (humanism) and SQ (spiritualism).

We have capability to design and support your strategic planning process through our proven effective methodology. Our approach to planning is crafted in the figure below.

As our client, we will work together to create a transformation roadmap in pursuit of the most suitable business model, tailored for your organization.

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