Our team comprises of a group of highly experienced industry experts from South Africa with extensive experience in the academic, public and private sector research facilitated by a broad range of skills and competencies to effectively deliver on the project. We offer solutions for both the industry and academic sector.

With our expertise outlined herewith, is no wonder why we work with high calibre clients which solidifies our capabilities. We consistently train our team and improve on knowledge and techniques to ensure a high value add for our clients.

What we do

The team of experts will be supported by the institutional resources and capabilities of Blackstone Consulting. This portfolio is led by the project team leader; who is also a research analyst on data analysis and reporting supported by a project manager. With extensive experience in publication of research articles/manuscripts in economic and business research, econometric modelling and policy analysis, the project manager, manages research projects that involve economic and business research; including academic postgraduate researches, statistical analysis and econometric modelling using numerous world renowned programs. The team is anchored by database management, that does all the programming using ADVANCED statistical program. We focus on three spheres;

  • Econometric modelling
  • Analytics
  • Training
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