ServicesWe work on-site with clients to help them move beyond recommendations and pilots to achieve long-term improvement and measurable, bottom-line results. We help strengthen and align leadership, transform processes, optimize management practices, and in particular, build capabilities through rigorous and supportive coaching.


Our Implementation specialists work side by side with our industry and functional experts, adding a critical dimension to our traditional consulting work. We partner closely with clients to help them produce results rapidly, significant, measurable improvements in productivity, cost, quality management, time to market, and other metrics.

We work intensively with clients across all industries from mining and manufacturing to energy and educational institutions to obtain lasting and substantial performance improvement through operational transformations, reorganizations, post-merger integrations, and new strategies.

By deploying highly qualified implementation consultants typically experienced former line managers. Blackstone Consulting can drive implementation broadly across organizations, generating more rapid results and building lasting client capabilities. Our support model is flexible and designed to meet specific client needs.

Diverse backgrounds and implementation expertise

Our team includes over many professionals who have between 10 and 20 years of experience in line management and or implementation consulting. They come from a wide range of industries and have experience in leading large-scale performance improvement projects.

Results-oriented thinking

As part of our pragmatic, results oriented approach, we closely track key performance indicators (KPIs) and help clients establish effective performance management practices. We work directly with client staff at all levels to help them develop new skills, build capabilities, and become home grown implementation experts, an approach that helps organizations sustain improvement long after a project has ended.

Teams flexible in size and approach

Before implementation begins, we work with clients to design programs that fit their unique circumstances. We also identify and manage potential roadblocks and risk factors using our trusted assessment tool. Since every project is different, we customize the team configuration; the intensity and duration of support, according to the unique needs of each phase of the project. For instance, we might deploy a large on-site team when implementation begins, then transition to part-time coaching as the client staff gains experience. In all cases, we provide start-to-finish assistance, working with clients as long as needed to achieve the desired results.

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