An entrepreneur recognises an opportunity, for new products and services, acquires or invests into the business to deliver products or services. Such a person might be enterprising but true entrepreneurs habitually create and innovate to build and grow something of recognised value. We partner with small medium enterprises to establish their business plan, growth strategies and access to market strategies.

What we do

The small business owner is an individual who establishes and manages a business for the principal purposes of furthering personal goals. The business must be a primary source of income and will consume the majority of owner’s time and resources. The owner perceives the business as an extension of personality intricately bound with family needs and desires. As a result of our education system challenges, most of these owners find challenges to running their business.

Our solutions address these challenges by engaging with them at a very accessible level. This we manage to do with ease because of our consultants who have been in small medium enterprise for many years therefore sharing their experience with all our clients. Our value add is our networks created over the years with various small business agencies, which gives us the competitive advantage that we pass onto our clients.

Key areas of support are; Strategy, Management Support, Marketing Services, Accounting Services, IT Support.

We have various packages for businesses who are at various stages of the business lifecycle, therefore imparting directed information with specific outcome matched. We have done extensive advisory work for Small Medium Enterprise (SME), Co-Operatives and Not for Profit Organization (NPO). Our consultants support agencies including various Chamber of Commerce, Government support agencies, Funding agencies in growing the sector by offering their insights and solutions. We have helped many Start Ups with statutory and operational requirements, advisory solutions that make real impact.

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