Helping clients manage the external environment by organizing, setting priorities, and mobilizing to work with lobby groups, government bodies and regulators more effectively.

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We help clients organize, set priorities, and mobilize to work collaboratively with government bodies, lobbying groups, and regulators.

Prioritizing regulatory issues

New regulation can put value at risk, but it can also create new opportunities through programs such as stimulus packages or government subsidies. A rigorous and quantified assessment of the value at stake from these risks and opportunities over both the short and long term is critical to prioritize an organization’s outreach efforts. We help our clients quickly identify and understand the key regulatory issues that may affect their industry, leveraging in-depth understanding of the profit pools in the industry as well as unique insights into the levers that government and regulators might consider implementing in their sector.

We offer expert services that align your business to compliance to these various legislation / bills that are key for business continuity.

Our Experts can assist organization with compulsory requirements such as;

Public Finance Management Act     (PFMA)

Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA)

Consumer Protection Action           (C.P.A)

RD 0034

Providing assurance to customers, employees, trading partners and stakeholders in the knowledge that your risk management systems are aligned to policies and procedures to safeguard against possible breaches.

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Mobilizing the organization

Implementing an external-affairs strategy requires organizational momentum and drive, and top-management involvement is often critical to success. We help clients raise the profile of the corporate affairs/external affairs function commensurate with the value at stake.

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