Why Us

Blackstone Consulting focuses on designing the business’ most appropriate growth strategy based on core strategic opportunities to improve financial performance and market positioning quickly and with confidence. This not only requires improving the value proposition across customer segments, but also shifting execution to emphasize those offerings and channels that provide the greatest financial potential.

Our Operating Model services build on our unrivalled implementation experience and help companies to put the right resources in place to deliver value and realize their strategic business aspirations. We utilize a comprehensive approach to analyzing and adjusting operations across all core components of the enterprise, including: corporate, business units, shared services, and external entities such as partners, suppliers, and regulators.  We find that the best results are achieved through a collective focus on the entire enterprise.

Our Solution Offering

  • Business Modelling Strategy
    Business Modelling Strategy focuses on articulating and defining the way or ways that a business goes to market using proprietary methods to gather broad input from stakeholders and ensure executive alignment on strategic priorities. The outcome is a pragmatic roadmap for achieving strategic business objectives with a high degree of certainty on the ability execute. We craft the strategy with you from start to deployment.
  • Operating Model Restructuring
    Accenture helps companies articulate how they deliver value and implement the end-to-end capabilities required to realize their strategic aspirations by realigning organizational capabilities related to people, processes & technology to an enterprise wide strategic vision that transforms operational performance.
  • Strategic Cost Reduction
    We provide an integrated approach to quickly identifying and implementing cost containment measures within the context of refocusing the business on long term profitability strategies. This helps companies to respond to short term needs without sacrificing long term success, and provides a sustainable path to lowered complexity, higher profits, and a more agile business.
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