Our team of consultants and experts provides actionable and value orientated advice on infrastructure assets. We help clients determine what to build, how to do it more quickly and cost efficiently, and how to invest in and enhance the value of existing infrastructure.

Engineering and Construction

Assisting clients with strategy, cost, productivity, and governance to drive financial improvement in individual projects and portfolios.

Our engineering and construction clients face an increasingly dynamic environment driven by competitiveness, globalization, greater project complexity, and a rising call from customers for faster and less costly performance. We help these organizations to navigate these challenges. Whether supporting an emerging market strategy, a reorganization, or a project cost optimization, we deliver significant, sustainable impact for our clients.

What our consultants do

Our growing team of Infrastructure consultants, supported by research analysts and experts, constantly test, refine, and expand our knowledge of the construction industry. We combine this knowledge with functional expertise in areas such as lean, organization and risk, and a deep understanding of engineering and construction customer segments, including government, real estate and utilities, to help drive financial and performance improvement.


  • As transport infrastructure contributes to the economic output of a region, it is an important measure of productivity. However, developing efficient and cost-effective transport infrastructure is challenging. When deciding what to build, infrastructure planners and policy makers often need to balance complex political, economic, social, and environmental trade-offs. We support these activities with our deep knowledge of the sector.

What our consultants and experts do

  • Our Infrastructure Practice combines deep knowledge of individual asset classes; roads, railways, metropolitan transport systems and ports, with distinct functional expertise. By drawing on insights from other industries and applying best-practice tools and methodologies developed through client work, we bring a fresh perspective to complex problems within the transport industry. We engage in value engineering, project management, asset design, lean construction, operational excellence and commercial excellence.

Social Infrastructure

Helping clients optimize the quality of social infrastructure projects, while minimizing costs and keeping projects on schedule.

With government finances more strained than ever, expectations for public-private partnerships (PPPs) are soaring. While private sector interest in funding public infrastructure projects has increased in recent years, barriers to private sector participation remain. Many government agencies lack the capacity and capabilities to plan, execute, and manage PPP projects. At the same time, productivity in the construction industry needs improvement. Managing these complexities can be challenging for even the most seasoned leaders.

What our consultants and experts do

Our team of consultants collaborates closely with experts in complementary practices, such as Public Sector, Healthcare Systems and Services and Strategy. We are uniquely positioned to serve the public entities and private partners responsible for planning, maintaining, and developing physical infrastructure for social purposes, including:


In collaboration with our colleagues from the Social Sector Practice, we analyse the evolving user requirements of schools and universities to help clients manage education infrastructure. We apply innovative techniques to ensure safety, security, and health regulations are met. We help clients control investment and facility management costs, while maintaining high quality buildings with long asset lifecycles.

Municipalities and buildings

We apply our knowledge of public sector management to help clients design optimal public buildings and service delivery. We support clients in aligning their objectives to optimize asset performance. This results in fluid service delivery thus meeting citizenry obligation. Our work bring much desired value by municipalities, where service delivery protest alleviation reduces damage to property and negative image. Our role is to ensure our government, local and national levels continue a positive relationship with its citizenry.



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