Health is now the world’s largest industry with a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector. Our team of consultants and experts works with healthcare leaders to deliver better care, increasing quality of life, and improving global outcomes.

Health Value

We help clients adopt value-enhancing innovations to ensure affordable healthcare.

Reducing the cost of healthcare has long been a welcome by-product of effective healthcare organizations efficient hospitals have lower hospital bills, efficient paying and or insurance companies use fewer resources, and efficient national health systems do more for more people.

When we help clients put the focus on healthcare value, we have found they can improve quality and reduce costs of care at the same time building value for patients and the citizens.

What we do

Delivering real healthcare value involves helping healthcare organizations improve performance management through enhanced strategic and operational approaches.

With regard to strategy, clients can adjust their business model by pursuing allocating resources to the most cost effective interventions, and adopting best practices. On the operational side, clients can pursue effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.

Depending on the type of organization, solutions may include the following:

  • Engaging more with consumers

  • Ensuring patients are cared for in the most cost effective manner

  • Enabling more innovative care delivery, particularly integrated care

  • Innovating payment processes to encourage specific patient behaviours or to reward more cost effective care delivery

Clinic Operations Excellence

We help healthcare providers transform their clinical operations to improve quality and reduce costs, taking a value-based approach and engaging and inspiring hospital staff.

Healthcare providers are devoting more management focus to clinic operations improvements in order to boost productivity and sustain margins. In particular, our clients have found that there are significant operating “rands” tied up in unintended clinic variability. We are here to ensure reduction of variation in your business.

Whether variability is in patient outcomes, length of stay, workforce productivity, clinic supply utilization, or clinician satisfaction and retention, we help our clients engage frontline staff, physicians and nurses to lead the effort to address the causes of variability and make critical changes.

What we do

Blackstone Consulting has worked with many clients both private and public health systems in driving efforts focused on operations improvements. We help build internal capabilities to ensure the impact endures long after the initial project concludes. We institute best world practise business systems, enabling a more sustainable, profitable business.

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