Government has investigated various methods and approaches to stimulate the country’s economy for the past 10 yrs but managed to achieve less than desired outcome. Over time treasury through finance ministry, have reviewed mechanism that would lead to economic growth, aligned to government policy and programs. As a result the Minister of Finance promulgated PPPFA on 7th of December 2011 to remedy the previous deficiencies.

The point of departure was the amendment to the PPPFA, which was to address growth of the economy. The government included LOCAL CONTENT arm into the PPPFA to ensure all capex injected into capital projects allows “new incumbents” into economy mainstream by enforcing this local content component. APDP (Automotive Production Development Plan) and IPAP5 (Industrial Policy Action Plan) are sister legislative framework to PPPFA that interacts with local content targets.

Quality starts with the planning phase hence it is imperative for procurement to understand how critical their role is, in the process driven by use the inputs they procure. Therefore procurement of poor quality products hampers service delivery to the intended recipient. This PPPFA requires all state entities scheduled under PFMA and municipalities to apply the new regulations.

What we do

We know the requirements and understand their application thoroughly hence the value you will derive by requesting our solution. We scope your work and conduct pre-assessment on your processes, verifying the level of local content procurement. Our solution is two-fold in this section;

ü  Provide training of local content requirements both technical and systems

Beneficiaries are;

  • Provincial and National Supply Chain
  • Government agencies and parastatals
  • Municipalities

ü  Our solution seeks to assist supply chain with adherence to specifications, national standards and regulations during tender specifications design

Benefits are;

  • Reduced liability
  • Reduced risk
  • Sustainable and consistent quality
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