Leading organizations seek to drive their competitive advantage through their human capital. We provide scalable business education that is rigorous, relevant, and applicable. Our Academy helps professionals develop the skills required to address today’s business challenges so their organizations can thrive.

  • Immersive, scalable platform combining digital learning, group-based project work, and optional contact person components to reach large numbers of participants
  • Developed and taught by our qualified facilitators, incorporating insights from various industries to give maximum benefit
  • Provides accredited programs and courses targeted at different roles and development needs
  • Design is based on how professionals learn through practical application, from interaction with each other, and with continual real-time feedback


Each Blackstone Training Academy program comprises a series of courses that in combination build specific business capabilities for our participants. These programs are based on our expertise and experience building capability for our clients, as well as aligning with your work-skill plan (WSP) for training and development efforts within your organization.

Courses range between various themes;

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