Organizations generally lack to create a pipeline of employees that would best fit their culture and most importantly have a shared vision excitement. Similarly, many organisations struggle to successfully implement a performance management that works best, which includes a functional succession plan. Under the succession plan, there is generally a weakness in implementing the coaching and mentoring programmes that would ensure that the new incoming incumbent is prepared for the new role. A major distinguishing characteristic of coaching is that it is about helping healthy, functioning individuals to achieve their full potential. Coaching is about elevated potential.

The purpose of the training programme is to provide participant(s) with the mentoring training to;

a)            Increased knowledge and skills by both mentor and mentee (continual learning)

b)            Mentee will be able to assess career possibilities

c)            A more and greater understanding of organisation culture and roles within the organisation

d)            It’s a support mechanism into problem resolution in the organisation

e)            It will be part of succession planning applied competence of providing mentoring and coaching at workplaces.

After the training the participants is expected to:

ü  Improved capacity of job performance

ü  Understand their strengths and career alignment

ü  Be more confident

ü  Perform at a higher bracket in organization performance

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