M Learning

Our eLearning encompasses a wide range of solutions including simulation and scenario-based courses, game-based learning, interactive eLearning courses and much more. The development of each of these solutions is a long and iterative process.

We view eLearning as a tool to support cultural change. If individuals are used to attending training programs in faraway locations, also giving them time off work for a few days, they may fail to understand the concept of learning while sitting at their desks in front of their computers.

We can simply define Mobile-learning as the acquisition or modification of any knowledge and skill using mobile technology, anywhere, anytime and results in the modification of behaviour. Mobile devices offer an opportunity to change being desk bound as their nature as personal communication devices leads to them being carried on the person and at almost all times. This means any content associated with change can be made available through that device regardless of the learner's location and time of day. Learners can quickly access information related to the change meeting their learning need, real-time.

We design, develop and tailor training for your business needs to ensure;

Productivity is not hindered due to physically attending training

Learning takes place in the central nervous system of the learner

Performance is optimized by “ongoing” training and real-life application

Promote learners to learn whenever they are mobile

Reduce facilitator face-face and costs associated

Gives learners much more control of their development

Remember, a smartphone is a necessary instrument for mobility.

Why not contact our business consultant to discuss how we can help your business develop it’s competencies through our traditional training, e-learning or m-learning.

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